Happy Tails! Adoption Success Stories

Carli, Willow, and Duke

“I came across Rescued Rascals during my search to foster a dog when COVID hit in March 2020. The team reached out in early April with a dog for me based on my profile. Due to a living situation, I was unable to take in the potential foster dog. The team knew how excited I was to bring home a dog so they continued to look for the right match for me – they found the perfect fit with Willow. The moment I picked her up, I knew she was meant to be mine! I soon adopted her. After engaging with their Facebook group later in 2020, a team member reached out with information on a puppy that they thought would be a great fit for me and Willow. Since it was close to the holidays, the team graciously gave me until after New Years to meet him. The team was right – Duke was a perfect addition to our family! Thank you Rescued Rascals for going above and beyond for the rescues you bring in and for the families looking to help give them their forever homes!”

Ambika and Lucky

“In January 2021, I adopted my first ever pet, Lucky. I knew I always wanted to rescue a dog but I did have some difficulty finding the right dog for my lifestyle. Rescued Rascals’ Adoption Coordinator reached out to me after hearing I had been searching for a dog to adopt. RR was amazing throughout the entire process and very patient with me. I truly enjoyed the foster set up with each dog being in a foster home, giving me a better idea on behavior, energy level and overall temperament. I loved knowing that I was taking home a dog who may not have had the best beginning but now will only be showered with love the rest of their life. I would advise anyone looking for their forever dog to trust their gut. You will know which dog is yours and you won’t regret the decision. They will truly become another family member and your best friend.”

The Schmelzer Family and Baylor

“Two years ago we lost our dog Coya to bladder cancer. She belonged to our friend Craig who passed away suddenly. After multiple conversations with Craig’s family we decided that the best option was to embrace Coya into our family. We had her for 2 and ½ years , but unfortunately at the age of 14 she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We tried to keep her healthy without pain for as long as we could, but simply in the end we couldn’t let her suffer anymore. We were devastated, but we also knew that she was finally reunited with her owner Craig and that made the pain of losing her much easier. We still felt a void without her in our lives. We always knew that one point we would get another dog, but we wanted to wait for the right one to come along. Everything happens for a reason is our motto.

On May 25, 2022, our friend Craig’s sister-in-law, Mia, sent me a note along with Baylor’s picture and the note was captioned “Coya’s Twin”. We couldn’t believe it. She was a spitting image of our dog Coya. Mia and her husband Jeff had just adopted a dog with Rescued Rascals and when she went to pick up some supplies from the rescue, that is when Baylor arrived. Mia couldn’t believe how much Baylor looked like Coya! After she sent me the note, I immediately messaged Rescued Rascals on Facebook and asked if we could adopt Baylor. Within minutes I was told absolutely and that we needed to set up a day to meet her, but we had to wait because the foster family that is taking care of her needs to get her checked out at the vet and make sure all is ok before we adopt.

We waited patiently and then on June 14th we got the call that we could meet her. We immediately knew right away she was the dog for us. We couldn’t believe how much she looked like our other dog! Lori, the Rescued Rascal foster parent was amazing! She made this book with pictures of Baylor with the time she spent with her. Lori wrote us a handwritten note wishing us well with her and offering to watch her if we needed to go out of town. Lori and I became Facebook friends and she often comments on our pictures of Baylor and also sends us notes on how much she loves seeing her still even if it is only through Facebook.

This experience was amazing and I recommend to anyone looking to adopt a pet to go through Rescued Rascals.”