Adoption Process

The first step in our adoption process is to submit an adoption application. Please note that we are fully volunteer-run, so if you do not get a call back about your application it is likely that the dog you applied for has either been adopted or has an adoption pending already. However, we do our best to contact all of our approved adoption applications – even if the dog you applied for has been adopted already, we would still love to help you find a good match! If you have questions about your adoption application, please email

Once you’ve submitted an application, our Adoption Coordinator will review your application within three business days and if it seems like a good fit, she will give you a call to conduct a phone interview. The phone interview allows us to discuss our available dogs in greater detail, while also learning more about your household to determine the best match for you. After a success phone interview the next step would be a meet and greet with the dog or puppy you are approved for! As part of the meet and greet, all members of the household (dogs included) are required to attend. We do offer adoptions at the same time of the meet and greet, if we all agree that it is a good match. This may not be the case for all dogs, as some may require multiple meets. We understand that adopting a dog is a big decision, so if you are unsure at the time of the meet and greet, then we ask that you take more time to make a decision; however, we cannot hold the dog, so they may be adopted out in the meantime. Finalizing an adoption involves completing an adoption contract, submitting a non-refundable adoption fee, and taking a family photo! 

Did you know many of our dogs go into foster to adopt homes? This means that they are never even posted for adoption, because their foster homes take care of them for us and then make the adoption official when the time comes. If you see a dog who is in need of a foster home that you are interested in adopting, fostering to adopt might be the perfect fit for you! We provide all necessary supplies and cover medical expenses for our foster dogs. If you have questions about our fostering process, please email


Adoption Fees

Our standard adoption fees are as follows: 

$425 for dogs and puppies 3 years and younger

$350 for adults 4-7

$250 for seniors 8yrs and up 


We accept cash or e-payment via Venmo and Zelle. It includes spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, fecal testing, deworming, flea and tick preventative, heartworm preventative, and microchip, in addition to any other medical care the dogs need while in our care. Adoption fees also help us provide our foster families with the necessary supplies to care for their foster dogs such as crates, food/water bowls, dog food, leashes, collars and more. Please note that adoption fees are non-refundable as they are considered a donation to a non-profit organization.